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San Luis Obispo
Don’t miss the ‘Archway to Happiness’
 Visit the latest public art project at the Marsh Street
DParking Structure
owntown San Luis Obispo is
a bit more colorful thanks to a new public art project at the entry to the Marsh Street Parking Struc- ture, 871 Marsh Street. The city-led project, titled the Archway to Happi- ness was the joint-work of the city’s promotional committee, parking division, and public art program.
The team at Canned Pine-
apple Co. designed the artwork to celebrate San Luis Obispo’s dynamic community and create an entry
into downtown. Their vision was to emote a warm San Luis Obispo wel- come, using imagery that embodies the spirit of the community.
“With all of the impacts related to COVID-19, The Archway to
Happiness is a bright way to re- welcome the community back into downtown as we gradually reopen”, says San Luis Obispo City Manager Derek Johnson.
The City of San Luis Obispo continues to complete projects in the downtown area that invest in downtown vitality to support the community’s economic recovery.
The City of San Luis Obispo drives public art that respects our past and embraces the future, sup- porting all members and facets of the community and the pursuit of sustainability, diversity, and inclu- sivity. The City of San Luis Obispo strives to incorporate these values into public spaces through the pro- liferation of public art. The Archway to Happiness is a model project that embodies those values.
This year the City of San Luis Obispo Public Art Program is celebrating its 30-year anniversary. In 1990, the San Luis Obispo City Council established and funded the program which now features over one-hundred pieces in the current public art inventory.
The City’s robust public art program includes permanent public art pieces located throughout the community as well as “temporary” public art installations, including the utility box art program.
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