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 is open to pier-fishing.
Avila Beach Pier was built in 1908 and was an important for fishing and ocean- bound passenger transportation. It has been partially closed to foot traffic since 2015 due to storm damage.
For information about the piers, call (805) 595-5400.
Personal boats and kayaks can be launched from Olde Port Beach, a public hoist at Harford Pier and two additional hoists are made accessible to the public by the Port San Luis Harbor District. To arrange use of either the trailer boat launch for boats up to 28’ feet, or the mobile hoist for larger boats call the harbor district at (805) 595 7895.
The Bob Jones Trail starts at the trailhead on Ontario Road and wanders along the San Luis Obispo Creek. The paved trail, about three miles from trailhead to downtown Avila Beach, is
a mostly smooth hike or bike ride with benches along the way.
Outdoor Activities
Avila Valley Barn
Avila Valley Barn is a local favorite!
Find fresh, local produce, amazing homemade bakery goodies, gift shops, delicious deli and sweet shop, farm animals, and much more. Also, visit Gopher Glen for organic apples and fresh pressed cider and hard ciders. 560 Avila Beach Dr. www.avilavalleybarn. com, (805) 595-2816.
Sinor-Lavallee Wine
Sinor-LaVallee tasting room tends to attract serious wine fans. All their
wines are grown organically on the Bassi Estate Vineyard in Avila Beach. If you are hungry they offer cheese and charcuterie., 550 1st St., Avila Beach, (805) 459-9595
Avila Beach
Take a drive away from the beaten paths of Hwy. 101 and Hwy. 1 and discover the quiet paradise of Avila Beach. The oceanside community offers something for every interest and all ages from quiet romantic weekends to beaches, hiking trails, kid and pet friendly parks, shopping, great food, golfing and hot springs. Choose from the many hotels and enjoy family meals or a sunset dinner at an oceanfront restaurant. This delightful small town rests at the edge of San Luis Obispo Bay. The San Luis Obispo Creek empties into the bay at Avila Beach providing views of native wildlife along with the region's unique marine life. The nearby Avila Beach Bird Sanctuary is great for
bird watching any time of year and especially during bird migrations.
Piers in Avila Beach
Avila Beach boasts three piers, two historic piers and a private pier that houses the California Polytechnic State University’s Center for Marine Sciences. The Harford Pier,
built in 1873, was used for shipping before the railroad arrived. The pier also has a romantic history as a liquor smuggling hotspot during the 1920s. Today, the pier
is occupied by commercial fishing and restaurants and
     Estate Wines Organically Grown in Avila
  Open12pm-6pm,7daysaweek 550 1st St Avila Beach
Show this ad for 2 for 1 tasting •   @sinorlavallee
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