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 Santa Margarita Explore this slice of the old west
Santa Margarita is a taste of the
old west. This settlement, eas-
ily reached from Highway 101 or Highway 58 is the gateway to Santa Margarita Lake and the Carrizo Plain National Monument. The small
town quickly changes from the first impression of a sleepy western town to reveal surprising shops full of antiques, quirky garden art, plants, garden supplies and creative décor, restaurants serving up wholesome meals, and winery tasting rooms. The long history of Santa Margarita, from the ancestors of today’s Chumash and Salinas people through the Spanish and Mexican land grants and early American settlers until today, is being researched and preserved by the San- ta Margarita Historical Society. To miss a visit to Santa Margarita is to miss out on an extraordinary experience.
Santa Margarita Lake
Follow Highway 58 to Santa Mar- garita Park to find the lake located
in Santa Margarita Regional Park at 4695 A Santa Margarita Lake Road. Be sure to head out with a full tank of gas. The lake and park offer boating, fishing, hiking trails and picnick-
ing. The park is located on several thousand acres of land designated
as open space. Call ahead (805) 781-5930 to verify boat launches, swimming and camping.
The Carizzo Plains National Monument
The 250,000 acre Carrizo Plain National Monument is the largest surviving native California grasslands. The plains are reminiscent of Africa’s Serengeti, providing the highest
concentration of irreplaceable wild- life in California. The vast grasslands, woodland habitats and vernal pools are home to 15 threatened and en- dangered plants and animals. Being the largest protected habitat along the Pacific Flyway makes the plain
a world renowned birdwatching destination. In the spring the land explodes in amazing shows of color from blooming flowers and plants. To reach Carizzo Plain, take Highway 58 south from Santa Margarita to 17495 Soda Lake Rd.
Santa Margarita Historical Society
The Santa Margarita Historical Society takes local history online, with copies of research material held at the public library located on the corner of I & Murphy Streets. Ongoing projects include restoring the county
jail building, documenting a number of the community’s historic buildings and recording the stories of “old timers” so those slices of history are not lost. For more information visit
Margarita Adventures Zipline Tours
Margarita Adventures is the ultimate blast for the entire family! Here in the heart of San Luis Obispo County, you will embark on six ziplines spanning nearly 1.5 miles total, starting with a thrilling 2,800-foot tandem ride and finishing with an unforgettable 1,800-foot journey over Pinot
Noir vines. 22719 El Camino Real,, (805) 438-3120
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