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Wine Tasting
Local winemaker releases new book,
 Paso Robles winemaker Pedro Vargas recently released a
new book titled “Stars in a Glass.” The book is a manual containing step-by-step details that demystifies Champagne. Vargas puts making high quality sparkling wine within the grasp of wine produces of every size and most pocketbooks. The “stars” are the bubbles that delight the palate of Champagne and sparkling wine lovers around the world. Vargas reveals the innovative method and tools he has designed specifically for making your own ‘stars in a glass.’
Stars in a Glass is available as an eBook and paperback
on Amazon Books and
retails for $19.99 (ebook) or $39.99 (paperback).
Traditionally, the bever-
age called Champagne or
sparkling wine (as it must
be called in the US) was
reserved for royalty like
kings and czars and has
been shrouded in mystery.
The secrets of its production techniques closely guarded
by the few famous families
that owned the Champagne
houses of France. While it
is widely considered easy to make, sparkling wine requires precise techniques and expensive equip- ment that makes it impossible for most wineries to attempt it. Vargas has unriddled the mysteries and has produced consistently high-quality sparkling wine in the traditional method of Champagne without the costly equipment.
“When I started out, I just assumed that I would find a book on how to make sparkling wine and that it would detail the process from end-to-end,” said Vargas, “but all I could find were fragments of information that I had to cobble together to get started.”
In Stars in a Glass readers will find a step-by-step instructional guide including charts Vargas developed to make it easy to under- stand for professional winemakers and hobbyists. Within the serious
‘Stars in a Glass’
    writings are quotes and anecdotes that make the book not just a refer- ence manual but a fun, edu- cational read.
Pedro Vargas is a
graduate of
the UC Davis certified winemaker program. He
is an award-winning winemaker with accolades from notable wine competitions like the San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition, the LA International Wine Competition and many oth- ers. Electronics engineer by train- ing, he founded several successful high-tech ventures and found time to excel as a scuba dive instructor, musician and father. He lives with his wife Vicky and chickens Sassy and Ginger in the world-famous Paso Robles California wine coun- try where they
Vino Vargas, located at 950 Indian Dune Rd., San Miguel, CA, offers complimentary wine tasting by appointment. To make a reservation
and for more information about Vino Vargas wines and winery, visit or call
(805) 369-1440.
Winemaker Pedro Vargas
               operate Vino Vargas a bou- tique winery specializing in Méthode Champenoise sparkling wine.
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