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Wine Tasting
says Hunt, a humble man who is reluctant to brag. “Our cabernets have won the Best of California Wines competition five times and many of our other wines, includ- ing our pinot noir, merlot, Rhone blends and viognier, have also earned top honors.”
When the Hunt Family es- tablished Hunt Cellars in 1996, it was the area’s 37th winery. They had traveled the country, visited numerous prestigious wine growing regions, and were sold on the Paso Robles area because of the friendly people, creative wine blends,
and the potential to make great cabernet. Their 550-acre Destiny Vineyard, named after their daugh- ter, Destiny, consists of multiple terriors with varying elevations
and has proven to be one of the top California vineyards, consistently producing many highly-acclaimed wines.
“Even in what the critics call a bad vintage year, a great vineyard consistently produces the best wines,” says Hunt.
Though blind now, Hunt was able to see the property’s soil back in 1996 and knew it was the type that creates the world’s great-
est wines – mountain top, which means no clay, very shallow and great drainage. The soil composi- tion is white calcareous, sandy loamy with white limestone and chalkiness. The weather enjoys incredible ocean
breezes and perfect heat with cool nights during grow- ing season.
Music & wine inspirations
Many of Hunt’s
wines are named
after his music
including Unfor-
gettable, a merlot;
Rhapsody in Red,
a heritage blend,
and Bon Vivant
and Cloud 9, both
cabernets. A white
grand piano, the
centerpiece of the
Hunt Cellars tasting room, is where Hunt often entertains guests with
a musical number or two after his winemaker’s dinners or as they sip wines at the bar, on the veranda or as they stroll along the lush landscapes.
One has to wonder – does the wine inspire the music or does the music inspire the wine? “Music inspires wine, wine inspires music,” says Hunt. “Have you ever had a good bottle of wine without music?
You don’t want depressing music, you want uplift- ing music and something to fit the mood.”
Hunt’s cur- rent musical
album, Rhap- sody in Red,
is available on iTunes, Ama- zon, and in his tasting room. It has received critical acclaim from Forbes Magazine, Music Making,
and Investors Daily, to name a few. His upcoming motivational album, Everything is Possible, is geared towards inspiring young people. A firm believer in the power of posi-
tive thinking, Hunt says his positive outlook on life has helped him live out his dreams.
“I like to keep things upbeat and happy,” he says. “It’s worked for me so far and, even though I am blind, I have been blessed. I count my blessings every day and I like to encourage other people. No matter what this world throws at you, you can still be a winner.”
With a newly-renovated tasting room, a beautification process of the grounds, and the future expan- sion of the barrel room and event space, Hunt continues to improve upon his guests’ experience. Hunt Cellars’ new management and tasting room teams offer friendly service, an overall unique, educa- tional tasting experience, picnic lunch options, wine pairing and verticals tastings on weekends, and barrel tasting.
Visit the Hunt Cellars tasting room, located on Highway 46 West at Oakdale Road. Open daily, 10:30 to 5:30. For more information, call (805) 237-1600 and see huntcel- for an exciting schedule of events for locals and visitors alike.
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