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San Luis Obispo
Take an exhilarating ride with Sidecar Tours
 Make memories
in a vintage-style motorcycle sidecar on the Central Coast
Enjoy a unique tour through wine country in a vintage- looking motorcycle sidecar! Sidecar Tours sports a fleet of motorcycles with sidecars and knowledge-
able friendly guides dressed to
the nines in dapper vintage attire, ready to show you to some of the most gorgeous spots in the heart of California's wine country.
Seeing a sidecar is rare and so is the opportunity to take a ride and experience the thrill of the road with the wind in your hair. There are many ways to get out and about to see the sights in San Luis Obispo County. Breathtaking landscapes of open spaces, ranch and farm lands, back roads to travel, farm stands, wineries, breweries and distilleries to visit. Why not experience it all through adventures in a sidecar?
The sidecar first appeared in 1893 when French army officer, Jean Bertoux, created it in response to a competition put on by his local newspaper. The winning design created a way for an additional passenger to comfortably ride along next to a motorcycle. After 1903, American companies started producing sidecars straight into the hands of people who needed them. Currently, Sidecar Tours, Inc. is the only tandem sidecar tour in the world.
Sidecar Tours takes pride in delivering an intimate, distin- guished and luxurious experience. The team’s focus is on creating an immersive tour which is perfectly suited for smaller groups. Riding in a sidecar along the backroads
is perfect for a special adventure, celebrating a birthday, anniversary or a special date. What an exciting way to pop the question!
The motorcycles are Ural WWII inspired bikes which maintain an eccentric vintage style and give passengers an idea of how the first sidecar passengers must have felt. The drivers can handle groups as
small as two and up to twenty for a fun and relaxing time.
The company, founded a little over three years ago, started with 10 bikes in Temecula, California and quickly expanded though southern California and into Baja. Today
the company can be found in Paso
Robles, San Luis Obispo, other locations in California, Honolulu and into the Pacific Northwest.
Co-Owner A.J. Mara shared, “What makes our tours so appeal- ing is that it's a new unique way to not only experience wine country, but enjoy the breathtaking views of
the local area. Our ultimate goal is to elevate the customer experience, whisk them away on an unforgetta- ble adventure, and create memories that will last a lifetime."
Sidecar Tours loves to preserve the fun and also offers add-ons which make it a more memo-
rable experience. The drivers take pictures and video throughout the two to three hour tours and weaves them into a video montage high- lighting the special moments. They also offer fun character drawings of the passengers as a memento.
See what the excitement is about and schedule a day on the road to experience some of the area’s great- est treasures. The bike will whisk you on an unforgettable adventure through the most scenic and tran- quil surroundings.
To book a tour and for more information visit Sidecar Tours at or call
(951) 840-0931.
—Cassandra Frey
         1121 Broad Street, San Luis Obispo
(805) 545-5401
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