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 Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Oceano
Splash Café keeps ‘em coming back
Iconic eatery serves up award-winning clam chowder along Central Coast
Splash Café – the popular eatery known worldwide for its award- winning clam chowder has two lo-
cations – the original Pismo Beach eatery and second location in San Luis Obispo with a full-service bak- ery. In addition to these two cafes, Splash ships the chowder nation- ally, distributes in Costco stores and other restaurants, and has started a food product line.
Pismo Beach destination
Splash Café in Pismo Beach
is one of the longest standing restaurants on the Central Coast. A popular destination since 1989 and one of the busiest restaurants
on the coast, Splash serves over 40,000 gallons of clam chowder at this location in one year than other seafood restaurants serve in their lifetime! The Pismo Beach location
is a certified landmark and the place that truly represents Classic California
Monterey Street in SLO
Nestled between Cal Poly and the hustle of Downtown San Luis Obispo sits the second Splash Café restaurant. While this location offers all of Splash Café’s signature menu items, including the Famous Clam Chowder, it is also a true artisan bakery, featuring freshly baked breads, pastries, desserts, and custom cakes for all occasions.
Retail Product Line
Joanne’s passion for flavors and experimenting in the kitchen has grown beyond the two cafes leading her to create a food product line
utilizing all the incredible flavors of the central coast. Her carrot pepper hot sauce, Raucous Daucus, was the first product and created specifi- cally for the creamy Clam Chowder. Then followed a trio of smoky spice rubs intended for year-round grill- ing: Smoky Espresso, Smoky Citrus and Smoky Chimi. Check in at the café or the website often to follow the current and future creations from the flavor innovators at Splash Café!
Visit Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach at 197 Pomerey Ave. or in San Luis Obispo at 1491 Monterey St. For hours or more information about menus and catering visit or call
(805) 773-4653.
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