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Morro Bay
See winter wildlife in Morro Bay
 Summer sees visitors flocking to Morro Bay, but they are missing something if they don’t return for
a winter visit. Winter is the season when a diversity of wildlife occu- pies the bay and surrounding areas.
Birds are the most noticeable from November through March. The fall/winter migration bring a variety of bird species to Morro Bay and the Central Coast, inspiring the Coast Audubon Society to start the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival in 1996. Birders from all over the country and world participate in guided field trip, special workshops, and hearing keynote speakers who are experts in their fields. The 2022 festival is the 25th Morro Bay Win- ter Bird Festival.
This 2022 keynote speakers are:
• John Muir Laws, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Birders,” Saturday, January 15
• Raymond VanBuskirk, “Bird- ing: Medicine for the Soul,” Sunday,
January 16
A total of 160 events fill the
five day festival, January 13-17
including master classes, pelagic cruises, birding by boat, kayak, bus and car, day hikes, and informative workshops.
You don’t need to attend the festival to watch the birdlife. Walks along the Morro Bay State Park boardwalk offer sights of thousands of shorebirds including Brant
geese, great and snowy egrets,
great blue herons, black crowned night herons, and white pelicans. Rent a kayak from the marina and paddle onto the bay or estuary to become enveloped in a murmura- tion of western and least sandpipers swarming and flowing over their feeding grounds.
Watch tiny horned and eared
grebes diving deeply for fish and then suddenly popping back into view. Several species of loons frequent the bay while hundreds of brown pelicans perform aerial bal- let and breathtaking headfirst dives scooping up fish. It’s a thrill watch- ing an osprey plunge into the water, grasping a fish with his talons. You might also see peregrine falcons roosting on ledges of Morro Rock.
Drive to the back bay and stop at Sweet Springs Preserve to see blue winged teal, mallards, north- ern shovelers, scaup and more. Egrets and herons are commonly spotted standing silently in the fresh-water spring where you might see some western pond turtles sun-
     1st Annual Holiday Ornament Fundraiser
On Sale starting November Only $15 each
Gallery Exhibits Open Daily 12 - 4pm
Winter Faire & Craft Show Nov 4 - Jan 3
Opening Reception Sunday Nov 7 2-4pm
 835 Main St., Morro Bay, CA 93442 (805)772-2504 Exhibits - Workshops - Classes - Community
                 Call us or visit the website for latest prices and availability.
540 Main St., Morro Bay • 805-772-7503
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