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  Morro Bay
    ning them- selves on driftwood.
Keep an eye overhead for the thrill-
ing sightings of hawks, falcons, and bald eagles.
Birds aren’t the only
animals wintering in Morro Bay. California sea lions, harbor seals and sea otters are most numerous during the winter.
Morro Bay is one of the winter breeding grounds for the California sea lion. At one time, the sea lions became such a nuisance on the docks, even hauling themselves onto moored boats, that the Harbor officials set up a floating dock hop- ing the animals would prefer it over the boats. It was successful and now there is a permanent dock just for the sea lions! Take a tour boat from any of the waterfront venues for up- close views of the sea lions.
The spotted harbor seal can be seen popping their heads out of the water or hauling themselves onto the mudflats. Harbor seals are much smaller than sea lions and
unlike sea lions, who can use
their flippers to “walk” on land, the har-
bor seal can only move on land in
an undulating motion. Their flippers, however are
great assistance for swimming and deep diving for food.
Probably the most loved sea mammal is the California sea otter. Tour boats regularly pass pods of the furry critters often wrapped in large pieces of kelp. Large groups of sea otters, mostly females with pups, are seen in the water near the south t-pier.
The 2022 Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival takes place over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend Thursday- Monday, January 13-17. For more information and to register visit Schedules and registration information is available at morrobaybirdfestival. org. Proof of completed COVID-19 vaccination is required.
– Ruth Ann Angus
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333 Morro Bay Blvd.
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