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Cambria, San Simeon, North Coast
San Simeon sculpture inpires action
Oceanside monument 'Shift' was build to highlight change and recovery
 Artists see things differently than the rest of us and their contributions often challenge us
to make a change in direction. The 1200 pound, three-story metal sculpture, titled Shift, standing at the edge of the Pacific Ocean in San Simeon brings such a challenge. Depicting the earth shifted into two halves along its axis, the sculpture urges the viewer to think about the significance of a world splitting and shifting apart.
What do we feel when we see the earth shifted and split along
its axis? Does it tell a story of the condition of the world today or
is it portent of things to come? Spend some time studying it. Walk all around and view it from every perspective. Perhaps you will ask yourself what you could do to bring the two halves back into alignment.
Those are exactly the thoughts
that the creators of the sculpture want you to think. Designer War- ren Hamrick of Shell Beach sees the piece being “born out of climate” issues and “how politics relates
to the climate and earth’s future.” Hamrick calls our climate situation a “civilizational pandemic.” Want- ing to put a positive spin on things he and seven of his friends began to discuss their frustration with how the world is shifting apart driven
by politics, inequality and violence. The idea for an artistic expression took shape.
Hamrick’s wife Kathy views Shift as a calling and realization that out of pain and brokenness can come new life and growth. “Life wants to go forward” and “she will recharge and recover from the abuse.” The question is whether we will.
Rob Foster a metalworker and
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     welder from Atascadero created the metal sculpture along with builder Neal Portlock of Cambria. Others involved in the project are builder Charlie Main and his wife Terri of Shell Beach and Darcy Cleome of Cambria. Along with Warren and Kathy Hamrick, they formed “The Global Shift” and a corresponding website.
The sculpture is meant to invite people to reflect on our world and
unite as we are all experiencing the Shift together. The group wants
to acknowledge that as a society
we are shifting and that there is a recognition that human actions are fueling the global warming that is causing climate change. They also feel that the conversation about cli- mate change is shifting and that the public is starting to listen to those who are the stewards of nature and are striving to bring everything
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