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Paso Robles
Step inside Eleven Twenty-Two Cocktail Lounge & Speakeasy
 It’s the place to be for an approachable yet elevated cocktail experience
Hidden locations, intimate gatherings and exquisite cocktails – these make up just a small portion of the lure of the modern-day speakeasy. It’s the lure of speakeasies that led Donovan Schmit and Troy Larkin to intro- duce Eleven Twenty-Two Cocktail Lounge & Speakeasy, or 1122 to locals, to downtown Paso Robles back in 2018.
With roots harking back to the underground, secretive drinking
establishments of the Prohibition Era, the speakeasies of today are
more accessible and, perhaps, a bit more fun. On any given day of
the week, the tables and bar stools at 1122 are filled with a mix of
the after-work crowd, ranchers, farmers, and couples enjoying a cocktail before dinner at one of the many local restaurants nearby.
“It’s actually a lot easier to
get inside our speakeasy than people think, especially during the week,” Donovan said. “Yes, 1122 is elegant and fancy, but that doesn’t mean it’s off-limits; it’s actually quite approachable. Paso is a cowboy town with farmers and grapes and crops. So, if you have mud on your boots or you’re wearing flip-flops and shorts, by all means we want you to come in and see us.”
     Farm-to-Table Restaurant, with an emphasis on organic and natural or grass-fed meats.
Beautiful Outdoor Patio • Indoor seating available. Off-site catering for weddings & special events available.
 1313 Park Street, Paso Robles • 805.226.5888 Open 6 days a week for lunch & dinner. Closed Wed. Brunch on Sundays •
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