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Paso Robles
The secret is out
With a motto of “No phones, no photography, just amazing cocktails and service” it’s no surprise 1122 has steadily gained popularity with both locals and tourists alike. Many will dress
up for a night on the town, with some donning Great Gatsby-era clothing and taking their experi- ence at the speakeasy to the next level.
“There’s a rumor going around that 1122 is always full and there’s always a line, but that is simply not true,” Donovan said. “Yes, we do tend to have lines on Fridays and Saturdays but the line moves quickly. With just 30 seats, it’s a special, intimate space which is true of most speakeasies. Most people come in for one or two cocktails before or after dinner at one of the nearby restaurants so we are constantly flipping tables; when two people leave, two more enter so the line moves fairly quickly on busy nights.”
So, just how does one gain access to 1122? It’s actually quite
accessible; in fact, there are two ways to enter the candlelit 1930's inspired speakeasy. Enter through Pappy McGregor’s, located at 1122 Pine St., exit out the back patio, and the 1122 door is on the left. Or, enter through the back
of the building on Railroad Street and walk to the door marked 1122.
“It’s definitely not a secret any- more,” Donovan said. “You don’t need a password to get inside, you just need to know where to find us. It’s all about the experi- ence, starting with the location and how to get inside through the secret room. Once you enter the space, hear the music, take in the atmosphere, and see the staff in
uniforms, you are transported to a different era – that’s the whole speakeasy experience.”
Under the direction of Gen- eral Manager and Lead Bartender Matt Kelly, the entire staff of
1122 is dedicated to ensuring guests enjoy an elevated cocktail experience. Everybody from the bartenders to the hostess to the door men dress in uniforms of the era including suspenders with bow ties, fedoras, and flapper dresses, with the theme carrying throughout the entire space.
World-class cocktails, spirits, and drinks
And, the cocktails? They’re top-notch. On any given night, an average of 20 are featured on the menu with eight to ten being seasonal – currently featuring warm winter spices including cinnamon and nutmeg – while the remainder are what Donovan calls “forgotten cocktails.”
“We search through old cock- tail books from the 1920s and 30s and come up with drinks that
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