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Paso Robles
Visit the earthquake capital of the world, just north of Paso Robles
 It’s shakin’ down under Parkfield
Why would anyone go to a place that is centered smack dab on the San Andreas fault? Not the place to be in the event of “the big one,” Parkfield, California is known as the earthquake capital of the world. The town has population of 18 and is primarily a ranching community.
Other than the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) conducting ex- periments on the fault since 1985, the V-6 Ranch and the Parkfield Café are the most prominent businesses. “The Parkfield Experi- ment,” by the USGS studies what goes on before, during and after an earthquake in the fault and the surrounding region.
Along with waiting for the next big one, Parkfield offers quite a few adventures. A stop in the Parkfield
Café for
lunch is a
good idea.
of the V-6
Ranch built
the café out
of logs in
1989. The
café has an
décor with
tools and
other ranch
items hang-
ing from
the ceiling.
The menu
features lo-
cally grown
cooked over oak firewood, and breads from Brian’s Breads.
Visitors to the area can par- ticipate in trail rides, cattle drives and other ranch activities. You
can stay in the Parkfield Lodge or perhaps the room located in the Water Tower that was once the
source of the town’s water sup- ply.
The annual
Parkfield Rodeo returned in 2021 after tak- ing 2020 off. The Parkfield Bluegrass Festival is sched- uled to return in 2022 and there’s the annual Ar- tisan’s Fall Roundup with hand-
crafted and western themed items for sale every October.
The town, originally named Russelsville, was active in mining
    created by
experienced and skilled chef
Antonio Varia
Antipasti, hand crafted pastas and generous main courses featuring the area’s freshest seasonal ingredients. desserts such as tiramisu or gelato.
                      Paso Robles 805.237.0600 943 SPRING ST.
San Luis Obispo 805.545.8000 1037 MONTEREY ST.
ATASCADERO LUNCH: MON-FRI 11:30-2:30 805.461.6800 DINNER: SUN-THU 5:30-9:30, FRI & SAT 5:30-10:00
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