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       Wine Tasting
Vista Del Rey Vineyards
25 years of sustainable dry-farmed wine
 ‘Dry farming is not meant for the faint of heart’
Just up San Marcos Road, not on the typical wine trail, on a hillside with a serene view of the Santa Lu- cia Range, -79-year-old grandfather, local farming purist, and owner
of Vista Del Rey Vineyards can be found working the silty clay loam soils on his trusty faded orange Kubota tractor.
Dave King and his late wife, Carol De Hart King, purchased the eight-acre vineyard in 1994. After a full 22-year career in
the U.S. Navy and another eight years working as an engineer and program manager, Dave dusted
Vista Del Rey owner Dave King
off his Agriculture Engineering degree from Oregon State and took off on his “Walter Mitty” dream of running a small, 1900s- style, sustainably run vineyard. He’s been going ever since.
King’s no-spray, pesticide-free vines are well-established, with bright green ‘popcorn’ growing on dark brown shoulders. These are the vines the region has come to know well, producing some
of the appellation’s most vibrant Barberas, the bright and spicy flagship “Comida Simpático” Zinfandel, the popular Zin-Bera original blend, and Barbera Port.
Return visits are commonplace at this Paso Robles establishment. Oak barrels are stacked with local handmade preserves, and when in season, bowls of dry-farmed
       est. 1979 est. 1979
 Book a seated reservation overlooking the Estate Vine- yard. Tours are included at the beginning of every reservation! Walk-ins can enjoy a glass or bottle on the Oak Knoll.
 Book your next wine tasting or shop online at or call (805) 238-9607
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