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Wine Tasting
7 tips for staying warm in wine country
 Autumn has passed in Paso Robles Wine County and winter is peeking her head around the corner. In Paso, the tempera- ture drops after the sun goes down into the fifties and the shorter days are much cooler. With wine tast- ings and dining, all moved to the outdoors we’ve put together 7 pro tips for you to stay warm and cozy while taking in the beauty of the landscape and sipping on world- class wines.
1. Check the Weather
One of the most unique things about the Paso Robles
wine region is what
they call diurnal
that means is
cool nights and
warm days!
Sure, the eve-
ning get chilly,
cold even, but
the days are lovely,
in the sixties. When
planning your trip take a
look at the weather just so you are prepared. After all it is 2020, you never know.
2. Dress in Layers
Paso is known for having a laid back and relaxed vibe, so dress the part. We call it wine country casual...your favorite pair of jeans, a nice shirt or sweater, a light coat or vest, and comfortable shoes. Then finish off your wine tasting wardrobe with
a scarf and shades, viola! Or, wear the
winemaker uniform, boots,
puffy coat, and jeans.
3. BYOB – Bring Your Own Blankets
As we all are adjusting to wine tasting and dining outside, BYOB has brought on a new meaning. Keep a few lightweight throws in your car so you can grab them for extra frosty days or for evening dining.
4. Paso Swag
Sporting logo accessories are a
great way to support your favorite winery and a good excuse to buy fun swag while in Paso Robles.
Wineries have stocked up on styl- ish warm clothing like beanies, scarfs, vests, blankets, mini hand
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J. Lohr Virtual Tastings
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