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 Wine Tasting
warmers, and more. It’s a win, win – buy Paso gear and look cool while being warm.
5. Plan!
Planning your trip has become so easy these days since winer-
ies and restaurants are requiring reservations. Use this tool to your advantage. While you are sched- uling your wine tasting or dinner ask questions and get specific like: do you have outdoor heaters, can I be seated near a firepit, we’d pre-
fer not to sit in the sun or under a get it.
6. Extend Your Stay
Why not come to play and to work. Book your room or vaca- tion rental for a few extra days.
This extra flexibility will give you plenty of time to work remotely, explore Paso, and enjoy the day’s bounty from the comfort of your own warm space. Order take-out from our amazing restaurants, pick-up wine at one of our local wine shops, cuddle-up, and enjoy.
7. Stay Home & Buy Paso Wine
We shudder at the suggestion that you do not come to Paso Robles Wine Country, but there are so many ways to explore, savor, and support wine country from the comfort of your own home (and without any travel woes). Take part in virtual tast- ings, online activities, cook Paso recipes, plan your next trip to wine country, and buy Paso wine.
We look forward to welcom-
ing you back to Paso Robles Wine
Country when the time is right
for you. And please remember
to always be patient, flexible, and
kind. We are ready to serve you VISIT O when you are ready to be served.TASTIN
92 WINTER 2021-22

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