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 Wine Tasting
Thibido Winery opens in Paso Robles wine country Small brand looks to make a big impact
Ten acres of newly planted vineyard in the Willow Creek District inspired Josh Beckett and his partner, Gibsey Beckett, to start a new venture, Thibido Winery. Fo- cused on regenerative agricultural practices, this premium handmade wine will ship directly to customers’ doors.
“Planting Thibido Vineyard was the culmination of a lifetime of farming, winemaking and learning along the way,” says Josh Beckett, “I was excited to design and farm this vineyard apply- ing regenerative ag methods in order to improve the quality of the soil for generations to come. Ultimately, our environmentally conscious approach extended beyond the vineyard to become Thibido Winery, influencing how we created wine in the cellar and packaged the product to round out the whole earth friendly ap- proach.”
No stranger to the wine industry, Beckett has been driv- ing tractors and cleaning tanks
at Peachy Canyon Winery since he was a teen. A few decades
into the family business, Beckett launched the immensely success- ful Chronic Cellars before selling to WX Brands. Gathering from his experience in the industry over the years, Beckett now turns his attention to the development of Thibido Winery, crafting wines that start in the vineyard.
The estate vineyard boasts multiple clones of Zinfandel, in- cluding some own-rooted, as well as five other Rhone varietals that will comprise future releases for Thibido Winery beginning with the 2021 vintage. With old school farming techniques like hand hoeing, organic cover crops and vertical cordon training, Beckett champions the vineyard first
and favors a hands-off approach to winemaking. But hands-off doesn’t mean he isn’t adding his own flare to the vinification pro- cess in the cellar.
The newly released First Date 2020 is comprised of 100-percent Grenache Blanc fermented in ter- ra cotta amphora offering subtle hints of citrus and stone fruits, leading to a subtle creamy texture. Just Because 2020 is a carbonic fermentation with 100-percent Syrah, resulting in a Nouveau- style wine with undertones of
a classic Syrah. These newly released wines are a testament to Beckett’s mastery of winemaking. “And we’re making our winemak- ing and packaging choices with the same environmental aware- ness,” says Gibsey Beckett.
The estate vineyard is located on Kiler Canyon Road in the Wil- low Creek District of Paso Robles. Thibido Winery will release its first wines this summer in extremely limited quantities.
Opening February 2022
Featuring locally produced Wine, Port & Brandy
1244 Pine Street #101B, Paso Robles
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