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Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Oceano
Enjoy fine seafood and casual style at the Cracked Crab
 Serving fresh, local seafood since 1999
The Cracked Crab has been a one-of-a-kind restaurant on the Central Coast since first opening in 1999. Visiting Pismo Beach has to include sampling of the best the sea has to offer at the Cracked Crab.
When the original owners moved from the east coast, it quickly became apparent that a true seafood restaurant was missing. Cultivating relations directly with local fishermen, farmers, and single processors, the Cracked Crab has become one of the most success- ful restaurants in San Luis Obispo County. It is an intimate restaurant that requires nothing more than bringing an appetite.
Executive Chef Randy Miller takes the best of what is in season
and updates the menu to reflect the market. Order the signature bucket
and they lay out the butcher paper to present three types of the highest
                            (805) 556-3077 • 558 PRICE STREET, PISMO BEACH
(805) 773-0551 • 491 PRICE STREET, PISMO BEACH
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