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Morro Bay
Spring walkabout in Morro Bay
 Visitors to the town by the rock spend plenty of time on the Embarcadero enjoying being right by the water but spending all their time there has them missing the full charm and essence of the town.
Wildflowers and “Bloomies”
Springtime in Morro Bay means two things, it will be windy and there will be flowers. Wildflowers sprout up in yards around town whether the people living there want them to or not and they offer a colorful spread of a mix of blooms without anyone need-
ing to plant them. A nice walk
on the quiet streets
south of
vard can
the town
in a way
that driving
through cannot.
Some of the flowers
you might see are California poppies, fairy light lupines, white alyssum, and the ubiquitous and sometimes reviled yellow oxalis. Blend these wildflowers in with cul- tured blooms planted in yards and you will enjoy a great flower walk.
Morro Bay in Bloom has
a group of volunteers called “Bloomies” that cultivate and plant flowers and a variety of succulents
in spots all over downtown. Stop
by the garden near Dorn’s Res- taurant at the top
of the Centennial Stairway to observe
the award-winning garden planted there. This
location at the base of Morro Bay Boulevard is a great place to begin a walking tour of downtown.
Thrift stores and the citywide garage sale
Many locals and visitors rec- ognize Morro Bay as a thrift store paradise. There are many shops available for you to browse through and find valuable treasures at thrifty
prices. Gently used clothing, kitch- enware, furniture, household items, books, toys, and about anything
you might be looking for. Some shops carry authentic antiques.
For the first time since the
     A central coast favorite in Morro Bay
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at the marina
  (805) 772-1465
 Open for lunch daily, Dinner Thu - Sun
  Across the road from State Park campground entrance on State Park Rd
      SLO county’s first and only cookie dough scoop shop. Desserts & more!
(805) 225-1760 • @TheDoughConnection805 913 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, CA 93442
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