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Wine Tasting
Take a hike around wine country
 Paso Robles is a family destina- tion as well as a wine lovers paradise. It has parks, museums, golfing and lots of outdoor adven- tures, including great hiking trails. Whether your idea of taking a hike is a casual stroll with the family or challenging yourself over varied terrain and elevations, the Central Coast has some of the best day hik- ing in California.
Take half a day to go exploring. Paso Robles offers a number of op- portunities for hiking and walking as you enjoy the beautiful weather and gorgeous landscapes. A short drive to the coast or to San Luis Obispo brings even more oppor- tunities.
From young to old, experienced to novice, there’s a hiking trail on the Central Coast with your name on it. Trade your glass of wine for some water bottles and take in the beauty that the Central Coast of California has to offer.
The Salinas River Parkway Trail in Paso Robles
 Salinas River walk
If you’re looking for some- thing on the easy side the Salinas
River Parkway Trail, located in Paso Robles, is a 1.6-mile mostly
Cerro Alto
paved trail from the Larry Moore Cerro Alto is located 20 minutes
southwest of Paso Robles between Atascadero and Morro Bay on Highway 41 West. The Cerro Alto summit, at 2,624 feet, is one of the highest points in San Luis Obispo County. As a reward for reaching the top you’ll be able to see the Nine Sisters, a chain of volcanic peaks stretching to the Pacific Ocean.
There are a couple of ways to hike to this incredible summit from the Cerro Alto Campground. The quickest route is a steep nearly 2-mile hike. If you are not that ambitious take the gradual 2.75- mile route. It’s best to research the trails ahead of time since there
are additional loops that can be combined to create a little over a five-mile experience. Don’t forget to bring water!
Stadium Park
Stadium Park is located near downtown Atascadero. Take Cap- istrano Avenue from Highway 41. Continue to Hospital Drive to find parking at the trailhead under the bridge of Highway 41. This 26-acre park is a hidden gem and great for a quick hike. Blue oaks break way to chaparral on this loop hike that has one ascent/decent providing a
Park to the 13th Street Bridge. The path includes a short section of a low?grade dirt slope. This trail is perfect for a quick walk and is easy enough for those who may not be physically up to advanced hikes.
A section of the trail in the park is wheelchair accessible. Biking is also encouraged.
There are access points from the trail to the riverbed, which can be very scenic. Use caution when the river is flowing. Services and download the Paso Robles Parks and Trails map for more trails.
Shoreline Trail at Lake Nacimiento
Located west of Paso Robles, the Shoreline Trail at Lake Nacimiento is a 5.6-mile looped trail that gives you incredible views of the lake itself.
You’ll also enjoy the views of the Santa Lucia Mountains as you walk this dirt trail with an elevation gain of about 1100-feet. You’ll also get
to experience the local wildlife like deer, hawks, and a variety of native birds.
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