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Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Oceano
Ashtie’s Beach Shack boasts quality goods at an affordable price
 The shop provides items for tourists and locals alike
For the past 15 years, Ashtie’s Beach Shack in Pismo Beach has supplied tourists and locals with necessary beach themed items, boutique clothing, souve- nirs, and more. Ownership of the shop changed in early 2017, and the new owners have carried on the tradition of providing quality merchandise to the Central Coast community.
“Our prices are some of the best in town... the quality is very good, and customer service is very high
on our list,” said Bob Wexler, who owns the beach shack along with his wife, Cat Wexler.
Popular and inexpensive items at the store include sweatshirts in multiple sizes to suit each customer,
Baja shirts, blankets, sandals, and swimsuits. Kids items are also for sale, such as shirts and onesies. Many of the products pay hom- age to the local area, with graphic t-shirts displaying Pismo Beach
in lettering and sweatshirts with the California bear displayed. Hats are also available, ranging from baseball caps to straw wide brim hats. The products are affordable, so the whole family can stock up on fun goodies and clothing for a good price.
Ashtie’s Beach Shack also stocks the Earthly Body brand, which has products such as hand and body lo- tion, miracle oil and CBD drops.
While tourism is a big draw to Ashtie’s Beach Shack, there are plenty of high-end items that will
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