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Cambria, San Simeon, North Coast
Ebb & Flow ocean front boutique — it’s a California thing
 Bold and stylish clothing, jewelry, artwork, books, and more for individual style
Located in an iconic beach house that was once an art gallery tucked right against the stunning sands of Moonstone Beach, Ebb
& Flow welcomes visitors with an open door and the hope that the clothing, jewelry, artwork, and eclectic choices in the store will inspire feelings of individuality and serenity. The only retail boutique on Moonstone Beach Drive, owner Diane Garrigues Matzner is proud
to continue the art gallery tradition by featuring some of the Central Coast’s finest artists on a rotating basis.
In addition to supporting
local artists, artisans and design- ers at Ebb & Flow, visitors can admire and purchase candles from
Matzner’s Cambria Candle Compa- ny, and marvel at the art produced by Ebb & Flow Creative Photogra- phy from Matzner’s time living in Alaska and on the Oregon coast. This enchanting boutique, opened in 2019, encourages customers
to find their individual styles and personal expression in the world by imagining the art, clothing, books, jewelry and eclectic accessories complementing their homes and lifestyles. “The thought makes me smile,” says Matzner.
The seductive seaside-chic clothing, ocean-inspired jewelry, books and home decor, fuse with the offbeat surf and beach culture and the unconventional to make a visit to Ebb & Flow a tactile, senso- ry experience that shares Matzner’s vision. “Moonstone Beach spoke to (805) 927-3280
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