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Chulos Cafe & Cantina is a hidden treasure with a diverse menu
 Delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere await visitors
Located away from the hustle and bustle of Templeton’s Main Street lies Chulos Cafe & Cantina, a secluded and friendly place to enjoy authentic Mexican food. For the past ten years, Chulos Cafe & Cantina has cemented itself as a locals favorite spot for delicious drinks, outstanding food, and welcoming service.
“Our goal is to create a memo- rable visit and to transport
you to different
places in Mexico
through our food, with our ingre- dients,
the va-
riety of
ence,” said
Karol Ruiz,
who owns
Chulos Cafe &
Cantina along with partner Luis Ruiz.
Breakfast at Chulos Cafe &
Cantina cannot
be missed as there is a great
mix of classic and innovative
dishes to choose from daily. The most popular
creations include huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, and various types of egg benedicts, including bacon, spinach, roasted poblano
pepper, and a corn beef hash style. For lunch, try some favorite local picks such as a carnitas burrito or taco, chile relleno, or cheese enchi- ladas. Don't miss the coffee section of the menu for the classic choices and delicious new creations. The coffee “With a Kick” include the Café Mexicano, a tequila and steamed horchata espresso, the Irlandes Brevé, a whisky and Irish
cream espresso, and the Kafé Lua,
a kahlua shot espresso. The dinner menu has expanded and will restart in a few months after taking a small break due to COVID, with Karol noting that this break allowed time to create new and exciting dishes for the community to try soon.
“We make everything from scratch. It’s our passion and we put a lot of effort into absolutely every
  Breakfast at Chulos guarantees you'll be back.
    We Specialize in
Delicious Food, Local Wines,
Full-Service Catering
  390 Main St., Templeton • (805) 434-2345
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