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 Paso Robles
Refreshing and creative, Thomas Hill Organics takes pride in each dish
Develop a healthy food addiction at Thomas Hill Organics
Visiting one of the best wine regions in California isn’t complete without a cozy dinner and a glass of local wine. Thomas Hill Organics is the perfect place to discover layers of exciting flavors, textures, and colors that tantalize the senses. Marvel at the wall of wine, and take a seat inside, or on the enclosed patio, where the ambi- ance is unlike anywhere in Paso.
Thomas Hill Organics is a delightfully elegant restaurant in
downtown Paso Robles, where visi- tors can enjoy a delicious menu of upscale cuisine. The restaurant was established in January of 2009 by Debbie Thomas, and is celebrated for its use of the many local, farm
Enjoy delicious farm-to-table dining.
fresh ingredients around the Cen- tral Coast.
Customers always come back for more – not only because the service is friendly, informative, and the food is divine – but the relaxed,
warm atmosphere beckons them to stay a while. Thomas Hill Organ- ics is a must-try if you are in town, especially after a long day of wine tasting. Expect to find good por- tions of classic dishes with a twist.
Taste what the Central Coast grows, and sample from their seasonal menu which changes every two months. Thomas Hill Organ- ics is noted for serving lighter foods, and guests love to savor their delicious options like grilled duck breast with celery root puree, and sweet onion/fennel salad! They source ingredients from local farms with no sprays, as sustainably as possible. Fruits, vegetables, and fresh baked breads come from local purveyors, as well as exotic and natural meats.
Restaurant owner Debbie
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