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Wine Tasting
Experience impeccable wines and views at Pear Valley
 Head out to the hillsides of Eastern Paso Robles for a slice of country life with great wines and friendly Central Coast hospitality
Seek out peace and serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Go into the hills of the
Central Coast’s bountiful country- side, and explore the roads and take in the landscapes. This area is full of charm, and magic where the beauty of the farmlands can be enjoyed and memories made. Bring a picnic to the
and explore
the sights
during an
tasting at
Pear Valley
in Paso
Robles. This
winery is a
spot located
in beautiful
Paso Robles where guests can savor their choice of award-winning wines.
Focused on growing grapes us- ing sustainable farming techniques which help grow the best fruit, Tom and Kathleen Maas broke ground in 2008 for a 14,000 square-foot winery and 5,000 square-foot tasting room. Co-owner Kathleen Maas said, “The wine at Pear Valley is clean and natural. We’ve always tried not to interfere and we don’t filter our wine. Instead, we choose to go a more unprocessed route by maximizing cleanliness, making the
wines very fruitful. Every one of our wines are produced only with grapes we’ve grown.”
Tom and Kathleen started Pear Valley in
1999 with 20 acres, which has now grown to 113 acres. Tom had always dreamed
of starting a vineyard, and after returning from Viet- nam he was stationed
on an army base in Dexheim, Ger- many in the midst of a vineyard. His vineyard dreams began.
With 26 wine grape varieties on 89 acres, Pear Valley has become known for their amazing wines like Charbono and other delightful and unusual varieties. Originating in France and discovered in Napa the owners loved Charbono so much they planted it. After attending a few Culinary Institute wine classes they were introduced to another unique variety, Aglianico, a wine originally from the Compania region of Italy that pairs well with
rich meats. Aglianico was adopted because it doesn’t like its feet to get wet as it grows on steep slopes
and there was a steep slope at the vineyard. Nero d’ Avola, a red wine originating from Sicily, has just been introduced and this first vintage is turning out to be very popular. The wine features a strong flavor, reminiscent of a red wine like syrah or cabernet, and has strong depth with less grippy tan- nins, so, a softer mouthfeel.
Stop in while along any wine tour and instantly be transported to a rustic vineyard getaway and escape the ordinary. Visitors rave about the amazing scenery, friendly people, and relaxing atmosphere perfect for exchanging stories
and learning about winemaking. Pear Valley’s warm and friendly environment in the tasting room is in balance with spacious high ceil-
                                                                                                                                                                  NOW OPEN
Featuring locally produced Wine, Port & Brandy
                                                                         1244 Pine Street #101B, Paso Robles
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