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    Gabe Davis
 place to grow your equity. The area boasts a great return on income over the national average and the demand is rising year over year.”
There are a few important things to consider when purchas- ing a vacation home on the Central Coast, according to Davis:
• First, consider the location of the home and what type of activi- ties you plan on doing while you are there. “The Central Coast is a beautiful area with many differ-
ent types of activities to keep you busy. If you are looking for a quiet place to relax, then you may want to consider a home closer to the beach. However, if you are looking for a more active vacation, then you may want to consider a home closer to the mountains,” says Davis.
• Another thing to consider is the cost of the home, he says. The Central Coast is a popular vacation destination, so vacation homes can be expensive. Make sure to do your research and find a home that fits your budget. If you are not sure of your budget, Davis can match you with a lender in the area that can help create a road map for success.
• Finally, consider what type of amenities you want in your vaca- tion home. Do you want a home with a pool? A home with a view? A home with a hot tub? Find a vaca- tion home that has the amenities that you want so that you can enjoy your time on the Central Coast.
Davis is a transplant himself, relocating from the Bay Area about six years ago. He first started in
the tech industry, designing tech systems in residential homes and public schools. “I fell in love with
the Central Coast and started work- ing for a realtor knowing nothing about real estate,” he said, “After
a few years, I had gained more knowledge and connections than most realtors in the area.”
Young and tech-savvy, Davis is unlike many realtors who can be old-fashioned and stuck in their ways. Davis is continually learning, and his creative problem-solving skills are now dedicated to finding new ways to win properties for buyers, create new tech processes with automation to enhance clients' experience, and help sellers prepare their homes to get the best return on investment. Davis has a good re- lationship with inspectors, lenders, and escrow officers and is highly knowledgeable about the local real estate market.
Davis has been recognized as one of the top agent users of the Compass Platform on the Central Coast month after month. “Tech- nology is a major aspect of not only real estate by my everyday life,” he says “I'm constantly learning how to be the most efficient, and tech- savvy realtor around. I love work- ing in real estate and helping clients with their real estate goals.
Every day is a different day with new challenges where I continue
to learn. My goal is to continually grow, learn, and become the best realtor in the county.”
Davis’ office is located at 1131 Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo. For more information or to contact Gabe, call (805) 316-1108, email or visit
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