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 Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Oceano
A taste of the Mediterranean by the beach
Bring your favorite wine. No corkage fee!
When you’re visiting Pismo Beach stop by the Oasis Restaurant to experience a taste of Morocco and fresh seafood.
The only Moroccan restaurant on the Central Coast for nearly
30 years has a variety of different options for everyone’s prefer-
ence, such as vegetarian, chicken, couscous, lamb and fish dishes alongside many others. Every item on the menu has its own unique flavor and the recipes have all been handcrafted and refined by Karim Benbrahim, the head chef, owner and founder of the restaurant.
“You’re not taking any chances with my food. It’s all excellent,” said Benbrahim.
Moroccan cuisine is richly infused and uplifted by saffron
and olive oil. Benbrahim views cooking as a form of art, where you splash together different spices like paints to create a beautiful work in a dish with its own unique flavor. The menu changes once or twice a year to keep things fresh, but there are many classics that stay on the menu such as the kebabs. “Bottom line is you enjoy what
you’re doing,” said
There is no wine list
him said
he would
guests the
ty to bring
in their own
favorite wine.
There is no cork-
age fee either. Glasses
are provided and the staff is
happy to open and pour your wine.
Benbrahim started off as a Cal Poly student studying computer science but decided to start work- ing with his brother on the side to make and sell the food of his heri- tage in 1994 starting off in a small
location. “I learned everything from my mother,” said Benbrahim.
The restaurant continued to grow to the point that the brothers decided to stop their schooling and planned on moving to a location on Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo, but tragically his brother passed away in 2006. Following his
brother’s passing, his wife Chantale Benbra-
him joined him in running the
restaurant and the
two have continued
to grow and ex- pand the
restau- rant.
Both Karim and
Chantale real- ized that the res-
taurant had outgrown its San Luis Obispo location, which had no parking available for
guests, so in 2018 Oasis Restau- rant moved operations to Pismo Beach. The Pismo Beach location has plenty of parking, has an ocean view, has a spacious interior and patio and outdoor seating for guests
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