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 Morro Bay
Morro Bay Bird Festival flying high again
Over 140 events at the 2023 Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival
Are you a birder? Then Morro Bay on January 13-17 is the place for you. Join more than 600 fellow birders at the best yearly event on the Central Coast, the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival.
The festival, which was relegated to virtual sessions during the CO- VID pandemic, is back in full force with over 140 events that include guided field trips, master presenta- tions, workshops, and other special events. Participants may take place in all-day and half-day birding tours that offer a wide variety of habitats including the ocean, bay, creeks, oak woodlands and the celebrated grasslands of the Carrizo
Field trips include easy walk-
ing tours along seaside bluffs to view black and ruddy turnstones, surfbirds, whimbrels, scoters, terns,
gulls and maybe a Harlequin duck. A walk along the Morro Bay State Park Marina boardwalk provides opportunities for viewing a variety of shorebirds, ducks, geese, loons,
grebes, gulls, terns, and herons. Peregrine falcons and other raptors are often seen. The level half-mile walk is especially suited for pho- tographers, wheelchairs and those
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