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Cayucos—The crown of vintage California coastal villages
 Considered by many to be one of the last California vintage surf towns
Cayucos is a surprising fusion of small town soul with a world beat. Its village charm, vast
stretches of spectacular California coast line, some of the best food and wine, family dining and shop- ping in the region makes Cayucos a favorite for locals and visitors.
The name, Cayucos, is the Span- ish word for the canoes used by the Chumash who originally inhabited the area. The town took its name from the original Mexican land grant, Rancho Moro y Cayucos.
Shopping, strolling and surfing
Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, skin diving, swimming, and boats are certainly traditions rooted in the town’s relationship with the ocean.
The buildings are an eclectic collection of architecture that house local businesses includ- ing antique shops, gift shops, surf shops, fine dining, and an old- world tavern. The Cayucos Pier, originally built by town
founder, Captain James Cass in 1867, is a popu- lar location
for fishing,
strolls and
sea lions and
otters. The
annual New
Years Day Polar
Bear Dip is held
in full view of the pier.
Hundreds of people show up
each year to take the icy plunge and cheer on the swimmers.
50 FALL 2022
Sea glass collectors and beach walkers enjoy miles of shoreline. Serious beach walkers can hike the
beach from Cayucos to Morro Bay, except at high tide.
Leashed dogs are welcome along
most of the beach and there is a
small sec- tion along
the way known as
Dog Beach, one of the few
beaches where dogs are allowed
Kites, wind and waves
It’s not unusual to see a few kites, or more, dancing in the
breezy beach sky. The breeze makes the beach a perfect place to see
how high your kite can go and how many tricks you can make it do. The wind and waves create perfec- tion for some brisk windsurfing and the waves are known to give surfers some challenging rides.
Always something to do
Just off Highway 1, and about 30 minutes from Hearst Castle, Cayucos is a great place for a travel break or to spend a few to several days. There are a variety of hotels and accommodations, many with beachfront views, and lots of things to do and see for the entire family.
A town also famous for many different street fairs and festivals throughout the year, Cayucos has held on to its charm all through the COVID-19 restrictions of 2020 and
is working on plans for returning these festivals, according to state and county guidance.
Discover all there is to see and do in Cayucos by checking out the Cayucos Chamber of Commerce event calendar at

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