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 Santa Margarita
Zip on over to Margarita Adventures
 Experience some of the biggest thrills in wine country
The adults say it’s fun, the kids call it cool and everyone agrees that it’s an unforgettable experi- ence—welcome to Margarita Ad- ventures zipline canopy tours, the biggest thrill in wine country.
Located on the historic Santa Margarita Ranch, the full zipline course includes six distinct ziplines, and optional wine tast- ing, spanning more than 7,500 combined feet. During the tour you see forests, canyons and wide-open views of vineyards and mountains. There is the 1,300-foot Renegade which soars over a valley with breathtaking 360-degree views. The Wood- lander glides along the top of native blue and white oaks. The
Hilltopper begins with a running start and concludes on a hilltop vista, while the Archway sends guests through a natural archway of companion oaks. The Pinot Express travels 1,800 feet over
a Pinot Noir vineyard, and the
recently added Double Barrel kicks everything off with the most stunning ride of all. The ranch, Margarita Adventures and Ancient Peaks Winery are owned by the Filipponi, Rossi, and Witt- strom families.
Margarita Adventures tours also includes guided insights into Santa Margarita Ranch, which was established by Franciscan missionaries as an Asistencia,
or assistance mission, in the late 1700s. The tours touch on the ranch’s sustainable ranching and winegrowing practices, as well as its diverse wildlife and remark- able geology, which includes fields of ancient oyster fossils.
Tours conclude with an optional wine tasting at Ancient Peaks Winery when you call ahead for a reservation. Ancient Peaks Winery specializes in ar- tisan wines grown on the ranch’s estate Margarita Vineyard. To make a wine tasting reservation call (805) 365-7045.
For more information about Margarita Adventures and for directions, call (805) 438-3120 or visit
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