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 in beautiful downtown Templeton since 1994
                                    Oak grilled USDA prime steaks, seasonal seafood, natural grown chicken, pork and lamb, and fresh seasonal menus supporting local growers.
Featuring local wines and beer
McPhee’s Butcher Shop
Don’t want to go out for dinner? Stop by and get one of our steaks to take home and BBQ.
416 S. main street, templeton
805 | 434 | 3204
Lunch Mon-WSaetd1-S1:u3n0daimnn-e2rpstmar|tDinignnaetr5npimghtly at 5 pm
                          “dedicated to great food and great service”
       tors find a variety of shops and restaurants, many occupying the remaining historical buildings. The village has a true “good old days” vibe with a Saturday morn- ing Farmers Market in the park at 6th and Crocker streets, a feed store and a hardware store, all updated with boutique shopping,
a nursery and organic food mar- ket, fine food and wine tasting. A visit to Templeton is a relaxing way to spend some time.
For more information visit the Templeton museum website at or call (805) 434-0807.
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