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Wine Tasting
Stilson Cellars is a delightful experience for the palate
 Bold and elegant wines await guests in Paso Robles
With a spacious yet cozy tasting room located just steps away from the Paso Robles Downtown City Park and a thriving vineyard in the rolling hills, Stilson Cellars of- fers fantastic wines and a close knit sense of community.
“We are huge wine fanat-
ics who absolutely loved Paso Robles, where we once lived
and wanted to return. It was a relatively spontaneous decision to move back and to make wines that tell a story,” said Deb Stilson,
the founder of Stilson Cellars along with her two sons Tyler
Stilson and Cole Stilson.
The idea of Stilson Cellars
began in 2019 during a visit to see family in Cambria where Cole Stilson and Deb Stilson discussed his transfer to Cali- fornia Polytechnic State University, San
Luis Obispo and buying prop- erty in Paso Robles for
a winery.
that the
winery is
“a story of
a mother
who wanted
her kids to be
connected to her
forever!” Just two
years later, their downtown tasting room opened.
When enjoying an after- noon tasting at Stilson Cellars, make sure to try their 2019 The Return, a blend of Mourvedre, Grenache and Syrah with a
spicy tobacco and orange taste, and their 2021 Rose Ray, a 100 percent Syrah with an acidic and fruity essence. In addition, try the 2018 Chrome, a full bodied
Cabernet Sauvignon, a smoky, chocolate and fig delight, and the 2021 The Reverie, a light Viog- nier with pineapple, banana, and lemongrass nuances.
“Guests can expect a warm introduction to our
quaint family run operation and to
taste through elegant
Rhône and Bordeaux variet-
ies,” said Stilson, adding
that wine club mem-
bers will have access to
bonus perks such as discounts, pick
up parties, member only
events, new releases, and more. Stilson Cellars is an enthu- siastic member of the Central
Coast community by frequently participating in wine events and putting a spotlight on mental health resources. In honor of Deb Stilson’s husband Sean Stilson, who passed away due to suicide in 2016, Stilson Cellars released a special wine called
           PASO ROBLES
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3380 Branch Rd Paso Robles, CA 93446 | 805.226.9922 |
    Visit our Laguna Beach location! 496 N Coast Hwy Laguna Beach, CA 92651 | 949.646.9100
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