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                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Wine Tasting
Red Soles Winery brightens the soul
 Enjoy prestigious wines and spirits
Afew of several deep, flavor-
ful wines to try at Red Soles Winery include the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Petite Sirah, and
the Miracles Ranch Tempranillo. Make sure to also taste the Spanish style wines, the Mataro and the Garnacha, which have bright and fruity flavors. Red Soles Winery grows ten varietals and offers over 15 options with blends and dessert wines during tastings. The wines and brandies are all made from fruit grown and made on the hun- dred acre property, tended to by the same hands all year long.
Another unique feature of Red Soles is the impres-
sive handcrafted
still from Ger-
many named “Patience, My Dear”, which produces finely
dies and
Visitors at
the tasting
room can wit-
ness “Patience” at
work creating Five-Year
Barrel Aged Brandy, Cinnamon Hooch, Limoncello, and many other delicious spirits.
Randy and Cheryl Phillips have grown their highly sought after grapes in Paso Robles
for over 30 years and in 2004 decided to take a leap into the wine making business with the production of their own label, Red Soles Winery. With an open, airy tasting room and acres of gorgeous vineyards to explore, Red Soles Winery is the perfect addition to your wine tasting adventure.
“Although the winery is defi- nitely a full-time business, the
main focus of Randy
and Cheryl’s com- pany will always be
farming. There is
something extremely
satisfying about being able to be
part of a wine grape’s journey from dust to vine and
vine to barrel,” the pair ex- plained.
The Phillips began their ca- reer in the wine industry back in 1991 when they purchased land in Paso Robles to grow grapes. Red Soles Winery produces their award winning wines from these grapes. Other notable wineries throughout California also pro- duce wine from these grapes.
Their Miracles Ranch is locat- ed in the westside Willow Creek District of Paso Robles. The idea to open their own winery came when the duo crushed Petite Sirah and Zinfandel grapes in a
                  11am-5pm Thurs-Mon
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