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Demeter Family Cellars is where wine and music intersect
 Enjoy outstanding wine while browsing over 500 vinyl records
Located in the sunny countryside of Templeton, Demeter Family Cellars is a haven for both wine and music enthusiasts. Owners James and Diane Demeter have operated the winery since 2015; their love for wine started two decades ago right here on the Central Coast.
“I am a wine
lover... During the 90’s I befriended a few
of the
ers in Paso
while vis-
iting my
in Cambria, who gave me valuable insights into the craft. One day I walked into a local wine, beer and cheese-making shop in Woodland Hills and thought it would be fun to make some wine. I started as
a home winemaker in 2000 with
100 pounds of grapes...I knew that if I wanted to do things on a profes- sional scale I would have to use full-sized barrels and
equipment...I ended up processing 3,000 pounds of grapes in 2001 in our driveway in Woodland Hills that won numerous medals and never looked back,” said James, who has lived on the Central Coast with his wife Diane for 16 years.
Music is part of the experience when visiting Demeter Family Cellars as James has been involved in the rock industry for decades. Starting in the 1970’s, James was the lead guitarist for The Heaters, a pop band that toured as openers for Talking Heads, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, and more iconic bands. James then moved from the stage to instrument repair work, eventually transitioning to equipment design with the start of Demeter Amplifi- cation. As James notes, “I became the leading designer of tube equip- ment in Los Angeles,” building
equipment such as pre-amps, tube direct boxes, and guitar amplifiers for musicians such as Bonnie Raitt, The who, Lee Sklar, and more. Dur- ing a tasting experience, visitors are able to learn more about the music industry by touring the Demeter Amplification factory, learning about the equipment, and browsing the 500 vinyl records available to play in the tasting room.
Just a handful of exquisite wines to try at Demeter Family Cellars in- clude the 2015 Sangiovese, an acidic cherry flavored wine, and the 2015 Pinot Noir, a clove and blackberry
    We Specialize in
Delicious Food, Local Wines,
Full-Service Catering
  390 Main St., Templeton • (805) 434-2345
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