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Paso Robles
 Experience the healing energy of art at Deprise Brescia’s Art Gallery
Whether peace is found sitting under the eight-foot tall quartz crystal pyramid or while admiring paintings and sculptures, Deprise Brescia’s Art Gallery aims to inspire, cleanse and bring posi- tivity to the community.
Brescia’s artistic style is Trans- formational Energy Art, which
uses various spiritual and scientific principles to shift vibrations and transform the energy in space; from using specific crystals and stones
in an art piece to infusing posi- tive words and prayers during the creative process, the goal is to use “intention and different modalities to change the energy in a space.
You can transform your space and hold your desired frequency in your environment,” said owner and artist Deprise Brescia, who has immersed herself in the world of creativity through dance, acting,
and art throughout her life. Brescia’s main art form is
encaustic painting, which utilizes a hot wax medium to create unique, boldly textured, often vividly col- ored and carved artwork.
“There’s a certain part about
the encaustic where it actually co-creates with you. Unlike other mediums, there is a part of it that will do what it wants to do, perhaps because you’re heating and playing with fire. As an artist, you learn
to work within your medium, but there’s a part of the medium that does unpredictable and sometimes really cool things,” Brescia said.
When in her studio creating art, whether it be encaustic, oil, acrylic, or digital media, Brescia will use the power of scent and music to bring positivity into her work; depending on the idea, Brescia may work in quiet or listen to Mozart
     Our dynamic menu reflects the local abundance, we source a vivid array of fresh ingredients to concoct bold, imaginative dishes.
Beautiful Outdoor Patio • Indoor seating available. Off-site catering for weddings & special events available.
 1313 Park Street, Paso Robles • 805.226.5888 Open 6 days a week for lunch & dinner. Closed Wed. Brunch on Sundays •
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