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Wine Tasting
Castoro Cellars has something for everyone
 Wine, whale bones, music, and the best winery disc golf course in the world
Castoro Cellars isn’t just a win- ery. It’s a destination with wine tasting, the popular Whale Rock
Music and Art Festival, and now a top-rated disc golf course.
Disc golfers have voted, and the tally is in! UDisc, the world’s #1 disc golf app, rated Castoro Cellars the #1 disc golf winery course in the world. UDisc has a directory of all of the courses worldwide, and as players test them out, they rate each course. Castoro Cellars comes up top again and again. Their course is also rated #76 overall out of all disc golf courses in the world. It’s pretty impressive.
It’s an 18-hole disc golf course that winds through the vineyard. The signs along the way explain the
Thousands of revelers attend the annual Whale Rock Music & Arts Festival.
                  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Join us at our tasting room for a laid-back good time and experience first-hand our disruptive style that is matched only by the killer quality of our wines, made with character to match our clever and playful labels.
Make your reservation at and we’ll see you soon!
2020 Nacimiento Lake Drive • Paso Robles, CA | 805-237-7848
    92 WINTER 2023
types of grapes next to each disc golf stop. Guests are welcome to sip wine while they play. Why have
a disc golf course in the middle
of a vineyard? Everything about Castoro Cellars is centered around
family, and Max Udsen is a disc golf fanatic. His passion for disc golf started in college, and eventually

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