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 When you’re not drinking wine, what’s in your glass?
A cold ale, preferable something from Firestone or Central Coast Brewing but I won’t turn down a Pliny if it’s offered
Where do you see the industry in the Paso Robles region going? Do you see any interesting new trends or directions?
I think that we will continue to see growth in tourism and diversity
in plating. I also think that we are making great strides in finding out what varieties and clones do best in certain areas which will result in even better overall wine quality.
Favorite part about Paso Robles?
It has allowed us to bring a dream to fruition. My dad grew up in the wine retail and wholesale business and his dream was always to have his own vineyard and winery. My brother and I started the winery out here in 2013 and he and my mom moved out in 2015. I love raising my family here, it is great to be so close to the coast.
Least favorite thing about Paso Robles?
I grew up in Chicago where there is a ton of ethnic diversity which also brings a ton of diversity in food. I miss going to get German, Polish, Middle Eastern and Indian food on any given night.
What is your first wine memory?
When I was a kid, before Sunday dinner, our dad would pull out
a kit of different aromas and he would quiz us on them. Then at dinner, he would let us smell the wines and we would pick out the aromas he just quizzed us on.
If we were having Rhones, he may have us smell for pepper or cherry so that we could identify them.
What was your first job in the industry?
On Saturdays as kids, my nine sib- lings and I would bottle wine at our warehouse in Illinois. My brother Steve and I were the bottle washers before they went to our siblings
at the filler. We would always get in trouble for shooting the water across the room and spraying our sisters
How many vintages have you worked?
Where are you from originally?
I grew up on the north side of Chicago.
How long have you been in the Paso Robles area?
9 years
What different parts of the wine industry have you worked in? Almost all aspects. I grew up bottling wine and working on the
Wine Tasting
delivery trucks and loading docks at my families wine wholesale business. After college, my brother and I worked up in Oregon making Pinot and then we moved down to Sonoma where we made wine for four years. After Sonoma I was a sales rep selling wine to restaurants and retailers for four years.
How long have you been in the industry?
I have pretty much been in the wine business as long as I have been walking. I started bottling when I was 5-years-old so I guess 40 years.
What is your favorite aspect of the wine business?
The people that we get to meet and the shared passion for wine. We are all very proud of what we create and we are so excited to share it with others.
How about least favorite?
I really don’t have one. I quess it would be the travel that goes along with wine sales. I like being home with my wife and kids.
What’s your current favorite wine/ variety/ winery to drink?
It’s like picking your favorite kid. If I was pressed, I would say Zin and Grenache. If I had to pick an- other winery, I would say I think that McPrice Myers is making some of my favorite wines in Paso Robles.
What is your favorite wine region other than Paso Robles?
I love white Burgundy and the wines of the northern Rhone and Chateauneuf du Pape.
What interests/ hobbies do you have outside of the wine world? My family. If I am not at the winery I am likely out hiking at the coast with my wife and boys or watching one of their sporting events.
If you weren’t in the wine indus- try, what would you be doing?
I would likely be in politics or doing some type of public service. Politics is our other family busi- ness. I would not want to hold office but I always thought that
it would be interesting to work at the State Department as a diplomat.
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