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 San Luis Obispo
All Aboard! Explore the Central Coast's fascinating railroad history
 Museum housed in 1894 freight house building packed full of train equipment and ‘rolling stock’
The San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum is a non-profit edu- cational museum preserving and highlighting the unique railroad history of the Central Coast of California.
The museum appeals to locals and tourists alike, and in particu- lar, “railfans,” and those who may work or have worked on railroads that serve the local region, such the Pacific Coast Railway, Southern
 Pacific Railroad, Santa Maria Valley Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, and Amtrak.
On display is “rolling stock” including a 20-ton diesel switcher, a Southern Pacific railroad gon-
dola car, boxcars, a tank car, and a caboose. Visitors can also check out other railroad equipment such as
a velocipede, a hand car, baggage carts, trucking trailers, and more.
There is also a model railroad that sets the context within which local railroads operated. The model railroad depicts portions of the Southern Pacific and the entire
Pacific Coast Railway as they oper- ated along the Central Coast from Gaviota to Paso Robles.
“We love to have locals and visi- tors come to the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum, housed in the original Southern Pacific Freight House, built in 1894 when the Southern Pacific arrived in SLO from the north,” says Museum Manager Diane Marchetti.
“This is the oldest remaining railroad building in SLO, and is the home of a 1200 square foot model of Central Coast railroads, a number of rail cars that ran on
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