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Pismo Beach, Shell Beach & Oceano
Great American Melodrama offers one-of-a-kind entertainment experience
 Family fun with actor interaction
The Great American Melodrama Theatre in Oceano is a unique, one-of-a-kind evening of music and comedy that has thrilled audiences for 48 years. The theatre offers fun, interactive, family-friendly perfor- mances with top-tier professional actors who greet audiences at the door, entertain them all evening both on and off stage and deliver the best performances on the Cen- tral Coast.
“Audiences love that we take beloved and historic melodrama and vaudeville forms of storytell- ing, and bring them into the 21st Century with a contemporary twist.
It has been described as both the preservation and evolution of a traditional art form, made fresh for
a modern audience,” said artistic director Darrin Murell.
Known as the ”Melodrama” by
its fans, the theatre offers fresh, fun- ny shows with titles that you won't see at any other theatre around. Modern musical plays or contem- porary takes on familiar stories are all performed in the melodrama style, including the use of broad comedy, larger-than-life characters and audiences are encouraged to boo the villain, cheer the hero and swoon for the lovers.
A favorite experience for many audience members is interacting with the performers throughout the evening. The actors not only perform but also greet guests at the door, show them to their seats, serve them food at the snack bar and take time during intermission to celebrate birthdays and anniver- saries in the crowd.
With a wide variety of food,
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