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Pismo Beach, Shell Beach & Oceano
 snacks, desserts, beer, wine and so- das as well as a third-act Vaudeville Revue, an evening at the Melo- drama is really three experiences in one: A great play, delicious dining and a themed cabaret full of music, parody and comedy sketches.
Upcoming shows
"Lumberjacks in Love" February 3- March 25: It’s 1912 in Haywire Minnesota, 200 miles from the nearest woman. Lumberjacks Slim, Muskrat, Dirty Bob, Moonlight and The Kid live their bachelor life. However, when Slim accidentally orders himself a mail-order bride named Rose, their simple shanty lives are turned upside down. Book and lyrics by Fred Allen, music by James Kaplan, story by Fred Allen and James Kaplan.
"Sherlock Holmes And the Final Problem" March 31 – May 20: Sherlock Holmes’ skills are put to the test when he goes head-to-head with his intellectual equal, criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty. After repeated attempts on his life, Holmes is rejoined by his recently
married friend Dr. Watson and the two attempt to thwart the profes- sor’s plans on a continent-spanning theatrical adventure that takes the audience from the safety of Holmes’ flat at 221B Baker Street to the heights of Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland.
"Under the Boardwalk" May 26 – July 15: Back by popular demand! Get a close-up look at life under
the Pismo Boardwalk. Here you meet the Clams, a gritty group of shellfish, and their life-long rivals the Gulls, the popular birds of
the beach. Life in the sand is full
of singing and dancing until the unthinkable happens - a clam and a gull fall in love! Can these mortal enemies make a life together in
the wavy, wacky world under the boardwalk? You'll find out when
this Melodrama favorite returns.
The Great American Melodrama Theatre is located at 1863 Front St, Oceano. The box office is located at 1827 Front St. For more information or to purchase tickets visit or call
the box office (805) 489-2499.
— Lisa Pretty
                           (805) 556-3077 • 558 PRICE STREET, PISMO BEACH
(805) 773-0551 • 491 PRICE STREET, PISMO BEACH
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