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the disappearance of the monarch milkweed plant, the only plant the monarch caterpillar
will eat. Statewide
1995 butterflies were counted in January 2020, a
from the millions
of mon-
archs that
used to overwinter
at the various California sites.
butterflies leave their
overwintering sites in the
spring to breed and migrate north as far as Canada. They breed and hatch several generations on their way north, each generation living only a short time except for the last generation, which returns to their overwintering groves. The Western Monarch overwinters along the California Coast. The monarch but-
terflies that overwinter in Mexico migrate through the eastern United
States, then return to Mexico.
The best spots to see and
learn more about the monarch
butterfly on the Central Coast are
the Pismo Beach But- terfly Grove and the grove
at Morro Bay State Park.
Visitors to the grove at Pismo State Beach,
located just off State Highway 1, are greeted by knowledgeable and well- informed volunteer docents offer- ing talks and information about the butterflies visiting the grove.
The Pismo State Beach Monarch Grove is located at 400 S Dolliver St, Pismo Beach. For more information visit
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