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Santa Margarita
LDelightful desserts from Black Pearl Baking Co.
ocated in the rustic town of Santa Margarita, conversation can become magic after that. Food Black Pearl Baking Co is a gathering place can make amazing things happen,” said Pust,
  for the community to catch up, take a moment to relax, and of course, eat delicious food. With a rotating menu of baked goods, breakfast items, and even dinner meals, there is sure to be a favorite meal offered.
“I was never actually supposed to bake, so when I bought Black Pearl Baking Co. I also owned The Porch Eatery in Santa Margarita. When I decided to close the restaurant, there was no need for a baker when I could do it myself. It was Clementine’s when I bought it. The previous owner Kari Freitas is one of the nicest, best bakers I have ever met. She guided me through the beginning process and I am so thankful for her,” said owner Randi Pust, who opened the business in November 2022.
Pust brings a wide range of experience to Black Pearl Baking Co; she started working in a deli, trained in culinary school, and worked in various restaurants. Reflecting on her experi- ence so far, Pust notes that “Being a woman
in a kitchen is nothing like being a man in the kitchen. You have to work twice as hard and prove yourself. I worked my way up from the bottom and will always remember the good and bad days. It has made me who I am today.” Pust
decided upon the name of Black Pearl Baking Co from a gift that was a string of black pearls.
“I am a firm believer that people can heal over food. When you sit down at a table full of strangers or family or even people you dislike... none of that matters anymore. Your conversation becomes about food, the tastes, the smells, and a
who has made creations such as cinnamon roll mini waffles, enchilada casseroles, vegan lemon shortbread, and much more.
In addition to the bakery, Pust is transition- ing back to working full-time as an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist for autistic children. Pust adds that “Both of my kids are high functioning autistic and I feel it’s my time to be there to support other families that need guidance and help. The mental health field is where I need to be and can do the most good.” Black Pearl Baking Co will be open two days a week for private orders and events; in addition to the physical location in Santa Margarita, Pust will have a trailer available for mobile catering at events.
“I just want the community to know that I am here. I’m open to new ideas, fundraisers, and anything that has to do with our little town. The people who know me know that anything com- munity makes me happy,” Pust said.
Black Pearl Baking Co. is located at 22720 El Camino Real STE A in Santa Margarita. Open for private orders and events. For more information, call (805) 709-1907 or visit their Facebook page.
– Sadie Mae Mace
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