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                                                                             Paso Robles
and flapper dresses, with the theme carrying throughout the entire space.
World-class cocktails, spirits, and drinks
And, the cocktails? They’re top-notch. On any given night, an average of 20 are featured on the menu with eight to ten being sea- sonal – currently featuring warm winter spices including cinnamon and nutmeg – while the remainder are what Donovan calls “forgotten cocktails.”
“We search through old cocktail books from the 1920s and 30s and come up with drinks that were popular back then,” he said. “We source the original spirits, which can be difficult to find, and recreate those cocktails with our own twist on them so people can experience what was popular back then.”
In addition, the 1122 menu is packed full of classics from the Old Fashioned to Negronis, martinis, and daiquiris. Craving a Cosmo
or Lemon Drop? The talented bar- tenders are always open to guests
calling out their favorite cocktail, even if it’s not on the menu, and they make everything from scratch.
“The syrups, bitters, tinctures, shrubs, basically everything you could possibly put into a cocktail including fresh-squeezed juices is done in-house,” Donovan said.
“The only thing we are not doing is distilling our own spirits. And the things our bartenders do with the cocktails, from adding smoke and fire and using nitrogen to chill – they put on a show and it’s like a fun chemistry lesson each night at 1122. The room lights up with fire
and it smells like hickory or toasted cinnamon and the atmosphere constantly changes from all the dif- ferent drinks they are creating – it’s really cool.”
Crowd favorites include 1122’s signature cocktail, the Butter Pecan Old Fashioned, made with
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