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Olive Oil Tasting
Taste the difference: We Olive's seal-certified olive oils and vinegars
 Check out their huge selection in the heart of Paso Robles
We Olive’s Paso Robles store specializes in California- produced olive oils and balsamic vinegar. The store prides itself on sourcing high-quality products, with all extra virgin olive oils COOC (California Olive Oil Coun- cil) certified.
For olive oil to be seal certi- fied, it needs to adhere to strict guidelines:
• All olive oil must be mechani- cally extracted without the use of chemicals or excessive heat.
• There must be less than .5% free oleic acid in the oil itself.
• Must pass a blind taste test, performed by a certified tasting panel, to ensure positive taste ele- ments and no defects.
Once these three things have been passed, olive oil can become Seal-Certified. This seal provides quality assurance to both the con- sumer and retailer that the product is indeed 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Wandering through the Paso Robles store, customers find a wide range of olive oils, vinegar, gourmet foods, and gift items. The staff, knowledgeable about all the prod- ucts, are happy to assist shoppers, whether looking for items for their kitchen, putting together custom gift baskets, or corporate thank you packages. For those with a special occasion, such as a wedding, We Olive offers custom labeling.
Over almost 20 years, the staff has taken great pride in delivering superior culinary items to delight its clientele. “We found what we are passionate about and have worked hard to bring that passion
88 SPRING 2023
and kitchen inspiration to our customers through the love of food and great olive oil. We strive to make every customer feel welcome and hope that when they
leave our store, they
are excited about
the products
they have
said store
ager Rudi
Regu- lar
can take
advantage of
We Olive‘s refill
program (avail-
able in-store only).
Once a bottle of olive oil or
vinegar is empty, wash it and bring it back to be refilled at a discounted rate. This program allows custom-
ers to try different flavors of oil
or vinegar with each refill -- the customer can choose oil or vinegar offered in the store. Once filled,
the bottle is corked and sealed to take home.
Repeat custom- ers earn points
with their purchases
and those points
convert into
rewards. This
approach of envi-
ronmentally friendly packag-
ing and economic savings has led to a
loyal customer base. Lasslett feels the expertise
developed over the 20 years since the store first opened has built trust
and a reputation for quality. “We believe that the milestone of turn- ing 20 years old in 2023 inspires trust and longevity. We are so hon- ored to have the privilege of bring- ing high-quality delicious olive oil into our customers’ kitchens and yummy food into their bellies.”
We Olive is located at 1311 Park St, Paso Robles. Open Mon-Thu 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Fri-Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sun 10 a.m.-4 p.m. For more in- formation and other store locations visit or call
(805) 239-7667 or (805) 239-7961.
— Lisa Pretty

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