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 row is something few wineries have achieved. The winery also received top awards at the recent San Fran- cisco Chronicle Competition with three Best of Class, four Double Golds, one Gold and one Silver Medal. All of the wines entered received awards.
Kathleen Maas, the winery’s owner, attributes a large part of
the success to the winemaking team. “Winemaker Jared Lee and assistant winemaker Nico Fritz are a dynamic duo in the winery. They work together extremely well and year after year continue to improve the quality of our estate wine.”
Jared Lee has been with Pear Valley since the winery opened in 2009. He attributes the winery’s success to the fact that everything is done by a small team from vine to bottle. “We are somewhat unique in that we do all the farming, use only estate-grown grapes, and complete all production including bottling on-site. We know the details of each block and after 14 vintages we know how the grapes will best fit into our wine program.”
The estate wine includes a nice selection of standalone varieties as well as blends. From dry to sweet
there is something for everyone at Pear Valley. In addition to the varietals widely planted, such as
Wine Tasting
albariño, chardonnay, viognier, gr- enache, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, syrah, and zinfandel, find some lesser-known varietals such as aglianico, charbonno, nero d'Avola, touriga nacional and the recently added arneis.
Kathleen invites guests to come and enjoy the beautiful setting. Guests are welcome to bring a pic- nic or purchase snacks, including charcuterie platters, from the menu. Be sure to check the events page
on the website for dates when live music is offered on the patio.
Pear Valley’s estate wines are sold exclusively through their tast- ing room, wine club, and website.
Outdoor seating areas include two spacious patios and a gazebo. Spectacular vineyard views are of- fered from all seating areas.
Pear Valley Estate Wine is located at 4900 Union Road, Paso Robles. The tasting room with both indoor and outdoor seating is open daily 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. For more information visit or call (805) 237-2861.
— Lisa Pretty
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