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San Luis Obispo
Visit Megan’s Organic Market for high-quality cannabis products
 First dispensary in San Luis Obispo to be 100-percent women-owned
Megan’s Organic Market, lovingly known as MOM, offers a big and friendly welcome to guests visiting the first adult use and medical cannabis dispensary and marketplace.
Located in downtown
San Luis Obispo, MOM
carries a variety of differ-
ent products including
flowers, concentrates,
vaporizers, pre-rolls,
tinctures, topical, vaping,
edibles, cannabis seeds
and more. Cannabis
products like these offer
many benefits such as
relief for pain, sleepless-
ness and much more.
The dispensary is also
the exclusive Central
Coast retailer of unique
products from the SoHi
and VOID brands. SoHi
offers a lighter entry point series of cannabis products, which are best described as fragrant and yummy. VOID, with higher THC, is geared for connoisseurs.
“Everything we carry has to meet our high standards,” said Tar-
rah Graves, MOM’s Chief Creative Officer. One such product is the Rose Delights series of ed- ible products
offering a variety of different flavors crafted by chefs across the world. Guests visiting the dispensary
are greeted by some of the friendli- est and most knowledgeable bud tenders in the industry, who are always ready to help guests find
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