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Pismo Beach, Shell Beach & Oceano
  In the play area, several struc- tures await visitors and add to the theme of the park including an Orca whale, dinosaur and other ocean animals. Children can climb on or inside the large dinosaur eggs; a tire swing and boat promise hours of fun.
Named after a 50-foot metal
and concrete brontosaurus that was constructed as a tourist attraction in the 1940s, the location of this park was the original site a roadside business and cave attraction owned by H. Douglas Brown. The dinosaur became a target of neighborhood complaints and, in the 1960s, eventually went the way of its
prehistoric cousins. The property was bought and sold several times for different uses and eventually ac- quired by the City of Pismo Beach. Through years of volunteer efforts the property eventually became the Dinosaur Caves Park and officially opened in 2003.
The park is a location for public
events, including art and craft fairs, wine and food festivals and concerts.
The park is located at the corner of Cliff Street and Shell Beach Road in Pismo Beach. For more informa- tion about activities at the park call (805) 773-7039 or visit
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