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Morro Bay
             (805) 900-6000
1170 Front St., Morro Bay
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       More fun with the wind
Morro Bay is considered one of the best locations on the coast for both windsurfing and kiteboarding. When the winds come up, watching the windsurfers and kiteboarders skimming and jumping over the water is an activity of its own.
Windsurfers often take advan- tage of calmer water by choosing to go to Windy Cove, the beach just below the Natural History Museum in Morro Bay State Park. Wind- surfing, also an Olympic sport, combines surfing and sailing. The equipment includes a surfboard with rudder and a sail similar to a sailboat.
Kiteboarding is considered an extreme sport and combines the actions of paragliding, surfing, and skateboarding. The kites look like large round hoops in the air held by 66-foot flying lines, a harness, and a control bar.
—Ruth Ann Angus
   A central coast favorite in Morro Bay
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at the marina
  (805) 772-1465
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  Across the road from State Park campground entrance on State Park Rd
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