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 in beautiful downtown Templeton since 1994
                                    Oak grilled USDA prime steaks, seasonal seafood, natural grown chicken, pork and lamb, and fresh seasonal menus supporting local growers.
Featuring local wines and beer
McPhee’s Butcher Shop
Don’t want to go out for dinner? Stop by and get one of our steaks to take home and BBQ.
416 S. main street, templeton
805 | 434 | 3204
Lunch Mon-WSaetd1-S1:u3n0daimnn-e2rpstmar|tDinignnaetr5npimghtly at 5 pm
                          “dedicated to great food and great service”
       for buying the building was that
we didn’t want something bad to happen to this place. We appreciate the building. We felt like downtown still needed to have this restaurant as an option,” said Odenwald.
The Templeton Mercantile building shares a long history with several other buildings in Temple- ton, which was founded in 1886. Over the years it was a post office, butcher shop, and grocery store, and, for a short time, a girl’s finish- ing school occupied part of
the building. From the
1960s to the early
1980s, the build-
ing housed the
Iron Horse
AJ Spurs
ued the
cowboy bar
becoming a
gathering place
for young and old.
When the project
is finished Templeton
Mercantile will host Pig Iron
and the soon-to-open Club Car Bar, which will serve as a cock- tail lounge and world class event and music venue. The restored Templeton Mercantile will serve the full dining experience: coffee,
brunch, lunch, cocktails, dinner and evening entertainment in the bar. It’s sure to be the food and fun center in Templeton!
“Everybody has chipped in. Since day one, everybody wants us to succeed. Local folks share our vision. It’s a passion project,” said Odenwald.
Outside the building
Templeton Mercantile also travels, due to their remodeled and customized vintage cocktail
travel trailer! Featured in the movie ‘Once
upon a time in Hollywood”
with Brad Pitt and
Leonardo Di Caprio, this epic
70’s trailer with an ac- companying
mixologist is the perfect way to
bring the party to a location of your choosing.
Welcome to a new tradition
The owners and staff of Temple- ton Mercantile invite you to experi- ence Pig Iron for brunch, lunch, or dinner and watch as the Club Car takes shape this summer.
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