Page 10 - SLO Visitors Guide Fall 2023
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 Welcome to San Luis Obispo County. We are glad you have chosen to visit. A fixture within our community is the Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP). DCPP is a nuclear power plant
that generates approximately 10% of California’s electricity. Both PG&E and the County of San Luis Obispo have developed detailed emergency plans that would be used in the unlikely event that an emergency were to occur at DCPP.
If a serious emergency were to occur that would require you to take action, the County would sound the Early Warning System sirens. The sirens are an indication
to tune to a local radio or television station for emergency information and instructions. When at sea, tune to Marine Channel 16.
The siren system is tested regularly throughout the year and may be used for any local emergency. This year’s annual test is on Saturday, August 26.
Additional emergency planning information regarding DCPP is in the current Emergency Planning calendar, and at
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